Our Purpose

Jarar Mideeye Foundation is dedicated to raising funds for the singular purpose of providing a safe and dignified haven for individuals grappling with mental illnesses in Dagahbur, Ethiopia. In an area where mental health patients are often subjected to inhumane treatment, including being bound to trees in chains, our mission is to alleviate their suffering by establishing a compassionate healthcare facility where they can receive the care they deserve.


Our mission is clear: to enhance knowledge, resources, and support within the realm of mental health and recovery.


Cultivate an environment wherein every individual embarking on their mental health and recovery journey feels unequivocally supported.

Core Values


We respect the dignity and worth of every person. We all have the right and responsibilities to achieve our full potential in our society.


We treat every person compassionately, free from stigma and prejudice.

Community Understanding:

We persistently promote community understanding of mental health.

Elevating Voices:

We advocate for those with lived experiences to have their voices heard.


We collaborate with others, and we actively look for partners to strengthen mental health.


We work together with integrity and a sense of purpose.

Our Goal

Jarar Mideeye Foundation is currently seeking $600,000 in funding to complete the construction, equipping, and furnishing of the facility, which includes essential amenities such as a mosque for worship, a cafeteria for nourishment, and recreational spaces.

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